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Review: Spiderman 3

Can a game be so bad that you can’t actually put it down?

That’s where I stand with Spiderman 3 for the Playstation 3. For the last couple of weeks, I have enthralled in the exploits of Peter Parker and his friends. Like I said before, by no means is this game any good.

Where do I begin? The graphics during gameplay are tolerable, but the cut-scenes are just downright spooky. Big bulgy arms and legs. Lifeless eyes. Unsynced audio. Its just a complete train wreck.

The camera angles are atrocious. Most of the time you’re looking at the web-slinger from the front while getting your butt handed to you from somebody off-screen. Its nearly impossible to swing the camera around. A centering or targeting system would have been great.

The controls are nothing special. It’s a button masher. There’s some ability to control the action by slowing it down and pulling some moves that would make Neo say “Whoa,” but the evildoers seem to always get a hit in somehow.

With that said, what makes the game so addictive?

Simply put: the ability to swing around Manhattan. I followed the silly little missions until the symbiote took control of ‘ol Pete. Seriously, couldn’t they just have used the scene from the movie? I almost felt sorry for the symbiote watching the video game cut-scene.

I now spend my days fighting crime and sometimes the occasional mission. There’s a venerable rouge’s gallery of bad guys. I’ve taken down Scorpion who first freed Rhino. I watched Dr. Connors turn into the Lizard who I eventually fought and took down only to return as the prey for Kraven. And taken straight from the movie, I flushed Sandman down the pipes.

Some of the missions are damn near impossible to finish. In mission 4 in my fight with the Order of the Dragon’s Tail (honest to god, that’s the name; I thought it was a PBS kid’s show), I have to take four samurai at the same time. Those samurai don’t go down easy and by that time, I’m completely out of energy.

I still can’t put the game down. I go back for more. Sure, the game is bad, but like the symbiote, it has taken me over.

Maybe I should’ve heeded the words of the fellas over at Penny Arcade.

Originally appeared on the 4Play video game blog on on May 24, 2007.

Posted: October 18th, 2009
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