Wii programming and cheese weaponry

I regularly talk video games with my buddy who runs the Man-0 blog. I’ll admit, sometimes our conversations go crazy, and when that happens, I plan on posting it.

Hey, it made me laugh, hopefully it’ll make you laugh too.

Me: check this out

Man-0: Why am I not playing this game?
Man-0: Because I’m a simp?

Me: the voices in your head tell you not to

Man-0: I love my television and hate computers!

Me: even better

Man-0: Yeah, but there’s no official confirmation of Sam & Max for Wii.

Me: they just hired the programmer, man
Me: he’s gotta get settled in the new environment
Me: feel his way out
Me: i give ‘em three months before they announce any wii titles

Man-0: If I was hiring a Wii programmer, I would sit him down in his cube and say, Start porting, monkey boy!
Man-0: Then I’d throw peanuts at him.

Me: and cheese

Man-0: Cheese is not a quality projectile.

Me: velvetta
Me: you can shape that [stuff] into anything
Me: kraft slices into kraft chinese throwing stars
Me: possibilities are endless

Man-0: Maybe a cheese ball or cheese missile

Me: a cheese warhead

If you have any better ideas on how to weaponize cheese, post it in the comments below.

Posted: October 18th, 2009
Categories: Video games
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